Faculty of Educational Sciences


To develop qualified, academically and research-outstanding pedagogical competencies in curriculum and instruction sciences capable of competing in the local, regional and global labor market, achieving quality, pedagogical and professional excellence and providing creative educational services and solutions to the local community.


  1. Developing qualified educational competencies capable of employing technology and efficiently exercising their roles to contribute to the development of the educational process and the building of a knowledge-based society.
  2. Developing academic programs that meet the requirements of the local and regional labor market.
  3. Developing the educational learning environment in accordance with the latest accreditation standards and local and global quality assurance.
  4. Promoting scientific research to contribute to the development of the educational process and the achievement of comprehensive and sustainable development.
  5. Building partnerships with relevant educational and community institutions to support educational and training programs and provide educational services and consultations.

Core Values

  • Justice and integrity: abide by the laws, principles and ethics governing the profession of educational specialist and its application.
  • Transparency: providing the necessary information clearly and objectively with a view to facilitating effective decision-making and scientific and educational activities.
  • Affiliation and citizenship: to strengthen and deepen the spirit of belonging and loyalty to the university and the state among the faculty, administrators, and students.
  • Teamwork and Leadership: Strengthening the culture of responsibility and institutional work, and working with a team spirit based on cooperation and solidarity to achieve the objectives of the department
  • Quality: The application of quality assurance standards in order to achieve a distinguished position for the department.
  • Continuous Learning: Keeping abreast of progress and continuous changes in science and technology.