Vission, Mission, Objectives and Core Values


Excellence at academic, research, and leadership levels, within a knowledge environment that supports creativity and innovation.



Leading the change by preparing high-quality, skilled competencies who are distinguished in academia, research, and leadership in the field of pedagogical and educational sciences, and who are capable of competing in the local, regional, and global labor market, and promoting scientific research to achieve sustainable development of society.



  • Preparing high-quality competencies armed with knowledge, skills, and orientations in the relevant fields.
  • Creating distinguished academic programs that meet the requirements of the labor market and reviewing and developing existing programs.
  • Developing the skills of the faculty members and administrative staff and developing their capabilities.
  • Encouraging, supporting, and upgrading scientific research and linking it to national priorities and community service.
  • Building effective partnerships with relevant institutions to support educational and training programs.
  • Adopting local and international accreditation and quality assurance standards.
  • Develop students creativity, leadership, and innovation skills.
  • Strengthening the relationship with the local community and contributing to its development.
  • Applying modern technologies in teaching and learning processes.


Core Values

  • Excellence: continuous aspiration for educational and scientific research. excellence
  • Justice and Integrity: Commitment to the principles of justice, equal opportunities, honesty, and respect for professional ethics among faculty and administrative staff.
  • Professional Ethics and Honesty: Commitment to professional ethics that support the educational process and the preservation of individual property rights.
  • Teamwork: Working as a single and integrated team to achieve common goals.
  • Social responsibility: interacting with the local community and contributing to its development.
  • Diversity: dealing with all parties without discrimination on any basis.
  • Continuous Learning: Keeping abreast of progress and continuous changes in science and technology.
  • Creativity: Commitment to developing students creative and entrepreneurial skills.

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